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In 1986 a team of scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for their discovery of a protein vital to the health of human skin, a cellular activator called the Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF).




Over the next few decades our dedicated biomedical experts developed groundbreaking research to turn this discovery into a clean, pure and highly effective skin care product – the first in the world to contain human-like cellular activators derived from plants.

In 2001 a team of Icelandic scientists, led by Dr Bjorn Orvar, formed a biotechnology company to find a better and purer way of producing human-like cellular activators for medical research and medicine. Conventional EGF production methods (still prevalent in the industry today) use E. coli bacteria or animal cells but the BIOEFFECT team created patent-pending technologies to create a pure form of EGF inside the seeds of the barley plant.


In 2010, the BIOEFFECT team launched the world’s first skin care product to contain plant-derived cellular activators: a pure, natural, vitality-boosting EGF serum that reduces fine lines and gives your skin a truly noticeable youthful and radiant glow.

Since it’s launch the Serum has enjoyed incredibly success in the International arena. The BIOEFFECT EGF SERUM is fast becoming known as a ‘miracle’ skin care product as one of the most pure and effective serums in the industry.

BIOEFFECT are now developing a full range of groundbreaking products to support and complement the effects of the EGF Serum.

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